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        Address: The west of Yellow River Road, Puyang City,  Henan Provice, China .
        Phone: +86-393-8910958
        Fax:    +86-393-8910966
        Attn   : Linda cheng
        Mobile: +86-13912509378
        Product detail  

        API Crossover Collar

        API Crossover Collar

        Parameter description:
           This product is one type of couplings ,it is used to connect tubing pipes,the replacment is male which is easy and flexible to operate. We can do different types and speciifcations according to the clients requirement!

                Grade: J55,K55,N80,L80,P110 

                Type  :1) 2-3/8 NU PIN*2-7/8 EU BOX
                          2) 2-3/8 NU PIN*2-3/8 EU BOX
                          3) 2-7/8 NU PIN*2-7/8 EU BOX   
                          4) 2-7/8 EU PIN*3-1/2 EU BOX    
                          5) 3-1/2 EU BOX*4-1/2 EU BOX  

        Address: The west of Yellow River Road, Puyang City. Tel: 86-393-8910958 Fax:86-393-8910966 mobile phone:86-13912509378 Copyright: Puyang Bao LiTong petroleum machinery Co., LTD Technical support: Zhengzhou Website Website Experts