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        Address: The west of Yellow River Road, Puyang City,  Henan Provice, China .
        Phone: +86-393-8910958
        Fax:    +86-393-8910966
        Attn   : Linda cheng
        Mobile: +86-13912509378
        Product detail  

        Sucker rod tong

        Sucker rod tong

        Parameter description:
        Sucker rod tong// XQ29/1.8B 

        Technical Parameter: 

        **Range of master tong: sucker rod 16,19,22,25 ,29, ¢48-60 tube ,5/8-1 1/8 sucker rod
        **Range of backup tong : sucker rod 16,19,22,25 ,29, ¢48-60 tube ,5/8-1 1/8 sucker rod
        **High Gear Rated of Torque:700 N.m (500 ft-ibs)

        **Low Gear Rated  of Torque: 1800 N.m (1300 ft-ibs)

        **High Gear Rated Speed: 100 RPM
        **Low Gear Rated Spped :40 RPM
        **Rated Operation Pressure 10MPa (1450 psi) Of the largest oil supply 65 r/min


        The series power tong is used for quick make-up/break-out sucker rod in well service operations.
         the tongs have the following features:

               ◎Clamp the sucker rod use corresponding jaws set 

        Dies may be equpped to master tong (Optional )

        Torque Control valve may be equipped (optional)

        Address: The west of Yellow River Road, Puyang City. Tel: 86-393-8910958 Fax:86-393-8910966 mobile phone:86-13912509378 Copyright: Puyang Bao LiTong petroleum machinery Co., LTD Technical support: Zhengzhou Website Website Experts