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        Address: The west of Yellow River Road, Puyang City,  Henan Provice, China .
        Phone: +86-393-8910958
        Fax:    +86-393-8910966
        Attn   : Linda cheng
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        Product detail  

        XQ114/6YB Hydraulic Power clamp

        XQ114/6YB Hydraulic Power clamp

        Parameter description:

        The hydraulic power tongs in the oil field workover operations on the unloading of the thread used to a special machine, this product from the oil cycloid torque motor drives, H manual directional control valve and direct matching motor oil, structure Compact, with workover rig is in the medium-sized hydraulic power clamp tubing clamp.

        1, the first clamp adopted advanced card tight, tight cards reliable performance and long service life.
        2, correspondent for the speed differential, high-grade speed, low-torque large block.
        3, the first clamp brake institutions in the clamp on the head cover, adjust, and maintenance is extremely convenient.
        4, a new hydraulic clamp back with the main clamp supporting a combination pliers and manipulate the directional valve manually clamp on the back clamp that is synchronized with the main clamp release clamping or synchronized string movements, flexible and reliable.

        Technical parameters

        1, the main clamp
        (1) the scope of adaptation                    2 7/8" , 3 ½" 4 ½" Tubing
        (2) rated high-grade torque                     1.5 kN.m (1114ft-lbs)
        (3) Rated low torque                                  6 kN.m (4456 ft-lbs)
        (4) rated high-grade speed                       85 r/min
        (6) rated low speed                                     20 r/min
        (7) Size openings                                         118 mm
        (8) shipments quality                                   150 kg (330lbs)

        2, back clamp
        (1) adaptation of the                                        2 7/8" ,3 ½" 4 ½" Ping-thickening, and tubing coupling
        (2) openings Size                                             145 mm
        (3) shipments quality                                       70kg (154lbs)
        (4) portfolio clamp Dimension                       750 x 500 X 600 mm
        (5) rated pressure                                             11MPa(1595psi)
        (6) rated Oil Supply                                            100L/min

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